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 Along with vegetables, fruit is one of the healthiest food groups and contains an important source of vitamin C which helps to keep our cells healthy.

People with diabetes can eat fruit. However, fruit can be quite sugary so bear this in mind to prevent blood sugar levels rising too high

This salad is gluten free, as it contains quinoa, which is also an excellent source of protein and fiber.Pomegranate gives a sweet and crunchy texture to the salad while the mint leaves give it a refreshing flavor. The nice thing about this salad is that it can be made in advance (without the salad dressing) and can be stored in the refrigerator until ready to serve if you wish to avoid that last-minute chopping before dinner.

Momo is a type of steamed bun with some form of filling.The recipe is made with twist of wheat flour instead of refined flour and filling is made protein and fibre rich by adding soya and colorful veggies to it. Eat them for breakfast, or snack.

Vermicelli Kheer, a delicious Indian dessert made with milk and vermicelli strands is often served as a sweet accompaniment in lunch or dinner.

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