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Regular physical activity is a key part of managing diabetes along with proper meal planning, taking medications as prescribed, and stress management. When you are active, your cells become more sensitive to insulin so it can work more efficiently. Your cells also remove glucose from the blood using a mechanism totally separate from insulin during exercise. Physical activity is also important for your overall well being, and can help with many other health conditions.

Bhakri is an Indian bread. Usually textured as round unleavened and thick which can be eaten along with curry, sabji, chatni . It is often used in the cuisine of Gujarat, Maharashtra. Also common in Rajasthan, Malwa, Goa. Bhakhri is made from mostly jowar flour, Rice flour, Nachni flour, Bajra flour, Wheat flour.

Jamun not only acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps to improve immunity but its most profound benefit lies in its being of special use in the treatment of diabetes.The fruit is acidic and astringent in nature and has a sweet taste. Glucose and fructose are the major sugars found in the ripe fruit, it is also laden with minerals, and provides fewer calories, as compared to other fruits

A diabetes consultation is an appointment with a medical professional specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diabetes who could be your primary care doctor or a specialist called diabetologist /endocrinologist.

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